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Pune City Tours

We are proud to share the heritage of Pune by offering walking tours with our seasoned team of experts.

Discover Pune’s life with one of our experienced tour guides. The city and surrounds have a lot to offer its visitors, walking through the bazaars, experiencing local daily life, a wealth of birdlife and seasonal flowers, visting heritage sites, trekking in the monsoon and unexpected hidden treasures. During your tour, you’ll get behind-the-scene glimpses into Pune life that one would not find on one’s own!

With one of our tour guides, you can explore Pune in a small group with an emphasis on a personal approach, and “explore the beauty of th[e] city in a way that the hustle and bustle of street life doesn’t always give you time to appreciate”. All tour guides are native English speakers, and specialize in giving visitors a multi-sensory experience of the city.

Some of the most popular touring options we offer include:

  • Old City Tour of Pune — a lively town full of colour, friendly people and palpable warmth in the midst of the hurly-burly and seeming chaos. 
  • Nature Walks — will take you to some of several special havens right in Pune itself, or within a relatively short drive from the city center.
  • Bird Watching Morning
  • Full Day Trip to see migratory Flamingoes (seasonal – February)
  • Overnight wildlife sanctuary tour
  • Trekking tours to one of many Hill Forts in the Western Ghats
  • Forest walks
  • Temple Tours

To set up your tour, email us at loveena@everythingexpats.com or call +91 97 6371 0243