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Preview Visit

A chance to ‘interview’ your chosen city; plus help in making the decision to relocate.


City orientation

Moved to India but need to get your bearings? We can help you in getting to know your city.



Finding you the right home in the right location, whether it’s a short or long-term lease.


Commercial Space Solutions

Property-selection to help you set up your business quickly and efficiently.


School Set-up

Search and visits to find the school that meets your values and your child’s needs.


Language & Cultural Training

Classes in communication skills and social etiquette to help you bridge the cultural gap.


Settling in

Help in organising everyday logistics such as internet & cable TV connections etc.


Departure Management

When it’s time to go we will make sure you are packed up and everything signed off.

Preview Visit

First impressions are lasting ones, and we know that “interviewing” a city for a potential relocation is a crucial step in the reassignment lifecycle.

In order to maximize this valuable time, we will work with your employee to identify their high priority interests and concerns regarding their destination city, and then plan an accompanied itinerary that addresses the needs of both the client and the employee.

The Preview Visit is a great chance to air any concerns. For example, one doubt clients often have is whether or not they can move with their family pet. That’s where we can connect you with experts who will help with documentation requirements, vaccination and microchip procedures, flight coordination, and logistical support.

The Preview Trip can include:

  • A “Day in the Life” with visits to grocery stores, shopping malls, doctors’ clinics, hospitals, hospitals, recreational facilities, schools, playgroups, furniture/appliance stores etc.

  • A comprehensive overview either as a formal presentation or informally, over a meal at a restaurant.

  • Topics we cover may include (but are not limited to): cost of living, healthcare, housing, schools, cultural norms and customs, and immigration.

  • A City Tour of major landmarks and historical sites in the city.

Preview Visit


Long-term home finding: We leverage over a decade of realty and relocation industry experience, an extensive database of properties, local knowledge of neighbourhoods, and an intrinsic knowledge of expat housing needs. All this ensures your employee and their family finds a suitable place to call ‘home’ for the duration of their assignment in India, wherever that may be.

Short-term accommodation search: For those who require a temporary gap accommodation between arrival and possession; and also those with only a short-stay assignment – we can assist in finding a suitable property to fit the needs of both the client and employee.

Our  Long-Term Accommodation Services feature:

  • Identifying properties that balance client and employee requirement; and accompanying employee on property showings and representing the client in the process of identifying, negotiating and securing a new home.

  • Negotiating improvements to properties if needed; handle lease negotiations; monitor property preparation for move in; and a final walk through before move in to ensure all needs have been met.

  • Lease registration.

  • C form & Tenant Verification form submission and acknowledgement for the whole family.


School Set-up

We understand that one of the most important decisions families with children need to make during an international move is in finding a school that provides their children with a high quality education aligned to their values and needs.

We can help your employee throughout this process, right from the initial search to submitting the necessary documents for enrolment.

Please contact us if you would like School Set-up assistance.

Here's how we can help:

  • School Search – we will locate appropriate schools based on employees’ criteria and provide information regarding school availability, curriculum, important dates for enrolment, entrance procedures, etc.

  • Site Visit – we can arrange meetings and accompany the employee to school familiarization visits.

  • Admission/Enrolment Process Support – we are available throughout the admission process to provide information and document assistance.

School Set-up

Settling in

Our Settling in services help save time and money and reduce the stress of setting up a home in a new destination.

Services included are:

  • Introduction to services providing water, cooking gas, telephone & electricity connections

  • Guidance with arranging for a handyman, electrician, plumber, etc.

  • Assistance with acquiring domestic help

  • Assistance with purchasing of appliances, furniture and curtains

  • Assistance with FRO Registration for the whole family

  • Help setting up bank accounts

  • Help setting up mobile phone accounts

Settling in

City Orientation

Starting out in a foreign city is a daunting task. It’s easy to feel lost at sea when you first arrive,  not knowing where you can find the nearest supermarket or doctor.

That’s where our City Orientation package can help. We can provide you with a comprehensive overview of your new home town, either as a formal presentation or, informally, over a meal at a restaurant.

Topics we cover may include (but are not limited to):

  • Cost of living and healthcare;

  • Housing and schools;

  • Cultural norms and customs;

  • Immigration;

  • A tour of your city’s major landmarks and historical sites;

  • A “Day in the Life” with visits to grocery stores, shopping malls, doctors’ clinics, hospitals, recreational facilities, furniture/appliance stores etc.

City Orientation

Commercial Space Solutions

Let us work with you to find the perfect space for propelling your business forward. Whether you require an office, showroom, retail space, or any other commercial rental property, we are happy to provide you with assistance in acquiring your company’s new “home”.

Services Provided to our Commercial Clients:

  • Representation and guidance  in the process of identifying, negotiating and securing commercial space.

  • Lease negotiation, monitoring of property in preparation for move in, and performance of a final walk through before the handover to ensure all needs have been met. 

  • Act as liaison to ensure improvements to chosen property if needed and assist with every facet of the lease registration process.

Commercial Space Sol

Language & Cross-Cultural Training

Moving from or to another country can be a simultaneously exciting and unnerving experience. Different verbal expressions, body language, conversation topics, and customs can make for disheartening misunderstandings, but with the right tools and training, you can learn to bridge the gap quickly.

Whether you are an Indian going abroad or an expat who has moved to India, we have a wide range of cross-cultural programs and packages tailor-made to fit your specific background, helping to maximize the enjoyment of living and working in your new environment.

The Cross-Cultural Training Course includes: 

  • Cross-cultural communication skills

  • Business etiquette

  • Social customs in your host country

  • Dining etiquette in your host country

  • General cultural overview of host city/country

  • Briefing on laws pertaining to personal conduct in host country

We also offer comprehensive language training programs:  Instructor-led training for your employees and accompanying family members.

Please contact us if you would like to register for our Cross-Cultural or Language Training.

Our Language Training Programs feature:

  • Customized to the specific needs of the individual

  • Run by qualified language tutors

  • We also offer document translation and interpretation services


Departure Management

Our Departure Services package provides our clients and their employees with peace of mind in coordinating the logistical details involved with property handover and employee transition. Services included in this package can be tailored individually and include:

  • Lease termination and associated documentation;

  • Termination/transfer of utilities and return on deposit of utilities;

  • Tenant/client walkthrough of property and complete check-out inspection, photograph property’s ‘walk-out’ condition;

  • Arrange for professional cleaning if necessary;

  • Coordination of third party services (carpenters/painters/plumbers/handymen);

  • Negotiate damages, claims and arrange for return of deposit;

  • Assistance with moving and packing of goods.

Departure Management
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